Box Cars are Wild

Snitchler, Disch, Heitzinger (J) and Henck ham and egg their way to victory. See EVENT RESULTS for details.

ALSO: Sign-up for the Club Championship by Monday, August 4, 5PM. Details in Locker 14. No late entries will be allowed for this event. No whining and this means you.

Ian Nicolls departs

Madison Parks Operations Manager Charlie Romines to the Golf Sub-commitee: “I wanted to take a moment and make sure you had all heard the our Golf Program Manager Ian Nicoll’s last day is this Tuesday the 10th of June. He has accepted a position with Kemper Sports Management and will be moving onto a private club in the Chicagoland area. Ian has lead the Golf Program thru a difficult transition and our department is grateful to him for that. We wish him well in his future endeavors.

We anticipate operating the remainder of the season with our current staff in place. We are very fortunate to have Ryan Brinza as our head pro and a group of highly skilled Greenskeepers and Assistant Pro’s on staff and will work to ensure our golfers experience continues uninterrupted.”

OHGA appreciates Ian’s support and his willingness to work with us. Best of luck Ian. 

Sunshine Mars International

Sunshine and pleasant temperatures didn’t stop Alexander, Pauly, Melum and Pelletter from firing an early 105 to take the 2014 International. Complete results in EVENT RESULTS (what a concept). Sign up today for the June 1st Double Blind.inter

Scramble Survivors

Dan Pacetti, Ed Gullickson, Don Heitzinger and Travis Seibert survive tropical depression winds and Arctic Circle temperatures to win season opener by a stroke. Full results in EVENT RESULTS.

How to Sign-up for Events in 2014

Sign-up Procedures for OHGA Annual Dues and Events

In 2014, sign-up for OHGA annual dues and events will again be done in the locker room via LOCKER #14. This procedure is only for OHGA events; city events or other events are not part of this.

The Pro Shop is not handling any OHGA Tourney entries or money.  Do not leave money with the pro shop or staff.  There is only one way to sign up for events – see instructions below.

What to do:

Please make sure you are taking the correct form for the event or events you wish to play.

You must be an OHGA member to sign up for an event.  If you are not a dues paying member in good standing you will not be entered.

Your entry fee must be attached via paperclip to the entry form – CASH ONLY for entry fees please.

Please print your name legibly – please, no nicknames or first names only.  Please write your WSGA handicap number on the tourney entry forms.

Attach your entry fee/annual dues to the form, roll it up tight with a paperclip, and insert it in the hole above the locker handle.  There is a box in the locker to catch entries.

Event entry forms for the next event will be available after another event is completed.  All events are on colored paper for identification purposes.

All event entries must be received by 5:00 pm the Monday before the event date. The locker will be swept nightly and immediately before the 5:00 deadline.

Optional Scratch and Handicap Cash Skins will be done on event day – cash only – except for the the Scramble.  See separate form for information. Any questions can be directed to us through our CONTACT OHGA page.


OHGA Officers & Board

The OHGA Board of Directors held their winter meeting February 26, 2014. Most everyone was well behaved. They elected the following officers after much back room caucusing.

President: Tim Alexander
Vice President: Eric Brinen
Secretary: Dan Smith
Treasurer: John Berman (non-board member)
Other board members:
Mike Lane
Bill Klein
Larry Claggett (Handicap Chairman)
Dan Pacetti (Event Coordinator)
Brian Karlovich
Mike Jiru