ABCD 2Man Scruffle

Sunday, October 6, 2019
Rules and Procedures

How to Play
Played like the 6-6-6 except that you play a 2-man scramble for six holes with each player of your foursome.
First six holes (1-6): AC/BD Second six holes (7-12): AD/BC Third six holes (13-18): AB/CD
Play the WHITE tees on holes 1-12. A/B team play BLUE tees on holes 13-18. C/D team play GOLD tees on holes 13-18.

The “A” Player for each team is the scorekeeper.
Scoring per hole is total of the two scramble scores added for each hole.

Rainout, Cancelled and Tie-Breakers

  • Rainout procedures: If all teams have completed 9 holes, but not all teams have completed 18 holes, the scores will be based on 9 holes. The winning 9-hole score will determine the winner with the tiebreaker being the most difficult to least difficult handicap holes.
  • If any one team does not complete 9 holes due to weather, the event is officially cancelled.
  • Cancelled Event procedures: If the event is cancelled prior to or during the event, all entry money will be applied as a credit. Please see OHGA Payout Procedures and Policies in the locker room for information.
  • If the event is postponed information on how to sign up again will be on the OHGA website
  • Tiebreaker is scorecard based: Handicap holes starting with the most difficult will determine any ties for team score on a hole. Ties are broken for all places. If still tied after scorecard tiebreaker, then a split will be done.

In the case your team has a no-show

  • There are no refunds for the no-show player
  • The committee will make an attempt to fill the open spot. If none is found the remaining three players should play a ball for that player's spot. This means that every three holes a designated player will play two balls.
  • Example: The "B" player is a no-show. First 6 holes: Sub C hits a ball for both the AC team and the BD team. Play the other as Second six holes: Sub D hits a ball for both AD and BC team. Third six holes: Sub A hits two balls.

Skins Game (optional)

  • $5/MAN $20/TEAM - ALL OR NONE (ONE or TWO PLAYERS CANNOT ENTER ALONE) Collect from A player.
  • Sign up at the pro shop counter before you tee off – entry forms available day of event
  • Skins money, if you win, is paid in cash