Sunday, May 5, 2019

How to Play              

  • Play the white tees
  • All players hit their tee shot. Team selects their best shot and everyone hits from that spot. Repeat through the hole.
  • Must use at least one drive from each player during the round.


  • The “A” Player is the scorekeeper.
  • One team score per hole. Add the 18 holes for the team total. Turn in total score (64 as opposed to 12 under)
  • Do not post this score.
  • Flags for long putts and closest to the pin on the golf course (individual prizes).

Rainouts, Cancels and Tie-Breakers

  • Rainout procedures: If all teams have completed 12 holes, but not all teams have completed 18 holes, the scores will be based on 12 holes. The winning 12-hole score will determine the winner with the tiebreaker being in order of most difficult to least difficult in handicap.
  • If any one team does not complete 12 holes due to weather, the event is officially cancelled.
  • Cancelled Event procedures: If the event is cancelled prior to or during the event, all entry money will be applied as a credit. Please see OHGA Payout Procedures and Policies in the locker room for information.
  • If the event is postponed information on how to sign up again will be on the OHGA website
  • Tiebreaker: Handicap holes starting with the most difficult will determine any ties.