The International
Sunday, June 6, 2021
Rules and Procedures

How to Play
The International is a modified Stableford System.
Play Blue Tees, 100% Hcp
All players’ scores count. All players must hole out for handicap purposes or take the maximum Equitable Stroke Control score they can get on a hole if they don’t hole out.

Scoring is based on your net scores on each hole.

  • Net Par = 1 point
  • Net Birdie = 3 points
  • Net Eagle = 6 points
  • Net Double Eagle = 12 points
  • Net 0 or better = Drug Test
    Net Double Bogey or more = -1 point
  • The “A” Player for each team is the scorekeeper.
  • Add up all 4 players points on each hole and that is your hole score. Add up all 18 holes and that is your final team score.
  • Please hand in your scorecards to the scoring area as soon as you are done and have completed the ESC info sheet.
  • Each player must enter his ESC score that day in the handicap system.

 If I win something how do I get paid and when?
All payouts will be in City of Madison gift cards.
Gift cards will be available ASAP.

AND we have a Skins Game (optional)
$10 - Both games only
Sign up at the pro shop counter before you tee off – entry forms available day of event
Skins money, if you win, is paid in cash

Rainout, Cancelled and Tiebreakers

  • Rainout procedures: If all teams have completed 9 holes, but not all teams have completed 18 holes, the scores will be based on 9 holes. The winning 9-hole score will determine the winner with the tiebreaker being the most difficult to least difficult handicap holes.
  • If any one team does not complete 9 holes due to weather, the event is officially cancelled.
  • Cancelled Event procedures: If the event is cancelled prior to or during the event, all entry money will be applied as a credit. Please see OHGA Payout Procedures and Policies in the locker room for information.
  • If the event is postponed information on how to sign up again will be on the OHGA website
  • Tiebreaker is scorecard based: Handicap holes starting with the most difficult will determine any ties for team score on a hole. Ties are broken for all places. If still tied after scorecard tiebreaker, then a split will be done.

 In the case your team has a no-show

  • There are no refunds for the no-show player
  • For this event, depending on the flight of the no-show player, there will be a blind draw of another player in that flight. If the team with a blind draw player places, the blind draw player will get his entry fee back ($10) with the rest of the team splitting the balance of the team winnings.