Spring Meeting

Friday, March 24, 2023
Odana Hills Clubhouse

Pay your dues:
Returning members: $65.00
New members and members 35 years-old and younger: $35.00

Have a beer.
Learn about events.
Talk smart.


Hard Scramble Results

Shelton, Dalby, Sullivan and Dantinne tame a very hard golf course. 

Results click here

Matt Pagel of the OHGA

The Club

Matt Pagel won the 2022 OHGA Club Championship this year for the second time. For all results, follow the link below. Congratulations Matt.


Odana Hills Golf Association

6-6-6 Results

OHGA members
Ed Erickson and Mike Elliott.

The International

Results click here.

(Left) Ed Erickson is all smiles as he teamed with John Schultz, Tim Alexander and Tim Lauri to win the team competition. Mike Elliott (right) won the individual event for most points scored.



Knight, Disch, Elliott and Skolnik lap the field in 2022.