Congrats to International Winners

1st Place - Team Hovind, Balistreri, Dalby and Lein (87 pts.)

2nd Place - Team Wubbels, Karlovich, Christensen and Chorlton (78 pts.)

3rd Place - Team Elliott, Dandurand, Clarke and Skolnik (76 pts.)

4th Place - Team Sntichler, Polster, Gille and Von Feldt (70 pts.)


Individual Entry


  • Steak, potato, baked beans and so much more
  • FREE Beer (until it's gone)
  • Flighted, Individual OHGA Event

• 8 Flag prizes


5:00 PM MONDAY JUNE 17th


Team Hoven, Karlovich, Krueger, R., and Mandell conquer

the Yellow Ball.

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Winning team payouts will be in the OHGA locker. Stop by Odana Hills and find an OHGA committee member. They will assist you in picking up your prize. 1st Place ($40/player), 2nd Place ($30/player), 3rd Place ($20/player), Yellow Ball draw ($10/player).

OHGA 2024 Steak Night
Friday, June 21st

Pick your own teams and tee times.
Sign-up by MONDAY June 17th


2020 OHGA Champion Adam Shelton.

Adam Shelton leads Randy Krueger, Rod Clarke and Dan Smith to Whack win with a score of 142, Saturday, September 9th. Next (and last) event is Sunday, October 8th.



OHGA 2023 Club Champion Mike Krueger

The Champ

Mike Krueger beat the heat and some tough competition to win the 2023 OHGA Club Championship. Congrats Mike! 



Dave and Sam White with Dave Lien.

Dave Lien (red hat, left) won the low net, white tees division of the OHGA Club Championship. Mike Sowinski won the blue tees low net but couldn't sit still for a photo.




Mike Lane (thanks for the cake) and Carl Capacik (who also thanks Mike for the cake).



ted cart

Sunday, October 9, 2023
Sign-up deadline: Wednesday, October 6, 5P
Locker 24



Knight, Dandurand, Claggett, Diny and Koepka victorious Sunday on this Sunday in May.

Results here.


OHGA members at table.
Chico Lien explains how his team won the Scramble.

Despite perfect weather, M. Krueger, Dandurand, Chorlton and D. Lien win Scramble.


Results here.



Hard Scramble Results

Shelton, Dalby, Sullivan and Dantinne tame a very hard golf course. 

Results click here

Matt Pagel of the OHGA

The Club

Matt Pagel won the 2022 OHGA Club Championship last year for the second time. For all results, follow the link below. Congratulations Matt.

Odana Hills Golf Association

6-6-6 Results

OHGA members
Ed Erickson and Mike Elliott.

The International

Results click here.

(Left) Ed Erickson is all smiles as he teamed with John Schultz, Tim Alexander and Tim Lauri to win the team competition. Mike Elliott (right) won the individual event for most points scored.



Knight, Disch, Elliott and Skolnik lap the field in 2022.